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[texts]The dissociation of a personality : a biographical study in abnormal psychology - Prince, Morton, 1854-1929
"The present volume contains parts I and II of a larger work, 'Problems in abnormal psychology,' but it is complete in itself."--Pref
Keywords: Personality disorders; Personality; Psychoanalysis; Schizoid Personality Disorder
Downloads: 333
[texts]Orsett Psychological Review No.7 - Kevin Brewer
Issue number 7 of semi-academic journal containing 3 articles
Keywords: non-human intelligence; gender; sexuality; personality disorder; media
Downloads: 86
[movies]A Peer Introduction to DBT Skills [- Podcast with Rachel Gill - Rachel Gill aka Pinki Tuscaderro
This is a brief introduction to dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills training from the perspective of a peer in phase 3 of DBT. The presentation may be useful to anyone who is interested learning about DBT skills training.
Keywords: dialectical behavior therapy; DBT; borderline personality disorder; BPD
Downloads: 88
[movies]Narcissist's Dream: The Dream (Part 1 of 2) - Sam Vaknin
"There was a woman with other people at a table about 10 feet in front of me that I found attractive, and noticed she was noticing me as well. There was also another woman with other people at a table about 30 feet to my right, old with heavy make-up and poorly dyed hair, loud, obnoxious, drunk who noticed me. She started saying negative things to me, and I tried to ignore her. She just got louder and more derogatory, with horrible rude and jabbing comments...
Keywords: narcissist; dream; interpretation; nightmare; healing; false self; personality disorder; narcissistic supply; friends; emotions; hope; fear; transformation; metamorphosis; change; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 44
[movies]Narcissist's Dream: The Interpretation (Part 2 of 2) - Sam Vaknin
He finds himself, in the middle of the road of life, in the ugly place that is his soul. The young woman is only a promise. There is another woman "old, with heavy make-up, poorly dyed hair, loud, obnoxious, drunk". This is his mental disorder. It can scarcely sustain the deception. Its make-up is heavy, its hair dyed poorly, its mood a result of intoxication. It could well be the False Self or the Superego, but I rather think it is the whole sick personality...
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder; narcissist; dream; interpretation; nightmare; healing; false self; personality disorder; narcissistic supply; friends; emotions; hope; fear; transformation; metamorphosis; change
Downloads: 49
[movies]Narcissists Hard to Spot - Sam Vaknin
Pathological narcissism is the art of deception. The narcissist projects a False Self and manages all his social interactions through this concocted fictional construct. People often find themselves involved with a narcissist (emotionally, in business, or otherwise) before they have a chance to discover his true nature. When the narcissist reveals his true colors, it is usually far too late. His victims are unable to separate from him...
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder; narcissist; narcissism; society; culture; civilization; diagnosis; differential diagnoses; personality disorder; dsm; confabulation; false self; deception; sign; symptoms; signals
Downloads: 90
[audio]Episode 2.5 The Interchange
David Janovsky hosts the March 24 episode of the Interchange. On this show, we feature Arielle Zionts' recurring segment Discussing Differences about disability culture at the Claremont Colleges. Then, Justyna Bicz talks with two women, her mom and host mom, about how they celebrated the Easter holiday growing up. Finally, an interview with Phil Pirrone about the upcoming Desert Daze festival.
Keywords: Easter; semana santa; capirotada; disabilities; personality disorder; espanol; smigus dingus; pares y nones
Downloads: 36
[movies]Narcissist's Language as Weapon - Sam Vaknin
With the classic narcissist, language is used cruelly and ruthlessly to ensnare one's enemies, to saw confusion and panic, to move others to emulate the narcissist ("projective identification"), to leave the listeners in doubt, in hesitation, in paralysis, to gain control, or to punish. Language is enslaved and forced to lie. The language is appropriated and expropriated. It is considered to be a weapon, an asset, a piece of lethal property, a traitorous mistress to be gang raped into submission...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; language; speech; lecture; semiotics; semantics; obfuscation; ambiguity; equivocal; incomprehensible; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 157
[movies]Tips: Can't Live without My Narcissist - Sam Vaknin
Finally, and most important of all: KNOW YOURSELF. What are you getting from the relationship? Are you actually a masochist? A codependent perhaps? Why is this relationship attractive and interesting? Define for yourself what good and beneficial things you believe you are receiving in this relationship. Define the things that you find harmful TO YOU. Develop strategies to minimize the harm to yourself...
Keywords: narcissist; love; intimacy; relationship; tips; advice; narcissistic supply; cerebral; somatic; sex; personality disorder; behavior modification
Downloads: 77
[movies]Narcissist's Beloved Paranoia - Sam Vaknin
Being the target of relentless, ubiquitous, and unjust persecution proves to the paranoid narcissist how important and feared he is. Being hounded by the mighty and the privileged validates his pivotal role in the scheme of things. Only vital, weighty, crucial, essential principals are thus bullied and intimidated, followed and harassed, stalked and intruded upon - goes his unconscious inner dialog...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; personality disorder; intimacy; paranoia; paranoid; persecutory; delusions; grandeur; conspiracy; projective identification; suspicion
Downloads: 80
[texts]The Misanthropic Altruist and Compulsive Giver - Sam Vaknin
The act of giving enhances the narcissist's sense of omnipotence, his fantastic grandiosity, and the contempt he holds for others. It is easy to feel superior to the supplicating recipients of one's largesse. Narcissistic altruism is about exerting control and maintaining it by fostering dependence in the beneficiaries.
Keywords: giver; altruist; altruism; charity; philanthropy; gifts; control freak; narcissist; narcissism; narcissistic personality disorder; misanthrope
Downloads: 51
[texts]Narcissists HATE Holidays - Sam Vaknin
"I hate holidays and birthdays, including my birthday. It is because I hate it when other people are happy if I am not the cause of it. I have to be the prime mover and shaker of EVERYONE's mood. And no one will tell me HOW I should feel. I am my own master. I feel that their happiness is false, fake, forced. I feel that they are hypocrites, dissimulating joy where there is none. I feel envious, humiliated by my envy, and enraged by my humiliation...
Keywords: happiness; abuse; christmas; holidays; easter; New Year; omnipotence; narcissistic personality disorder; narcissist; grandiosity; control feak
Downloads: 192
[texts]Dependent Personality Disorder and Other Personality Disorders: A Critical Introduction - Kevin Brewer
2003 book exploring aspects of Dependent Personality Disorder (and Personality Disorders generally) from a critical stance.
Keywords: psychology; psychiatry; mental illness; personality disorders; mental health; dependent personality disorder; DSM
Downloads: 465
[movies]Narcissist's Reality Substitutes - Sam Vaknin
To avoid the agonizing realization of his failed, defeat-strewn, biography, the narcissist resorts to reality-substitutes. The dynamics are simple: as the narcissist grows older, his Sources of Supply become scarcer, and his Grandiosity Gap yawns wider. Mortified by the prospect of facing his actuality, the narcissist withdraws ever deeper into a dreamland of concocted accomplishments, feigned omnipotence and omniscience, and brattish entitlement...
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder; narcissist; narcissism; personality disorder; reality; introjects; pain; hurt; narcissistic supply; false self; true self; grandiosity gap; self-deception; confabulation; symbols; avatars; shield; paranoid; persecutory delusions; paranoia
Downloads: 59
[movies]Narcissist's Addiction Atypical - Sam Vaknin
Classical addiction - to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or to other compulsive behaviors - provides the addict with an exoskeleton: boundaries, rituals, timetables, and order in an otherwise chaotically disintegrating universe. Not so for the narcissist. Admittedly, like the addict's search for gratification, the narcissist's pursuit of narcissistic supply is frenetic and compulsive and ever-present. Yet, unlike the addict's, it is not structured, rigid, or ritualistic...
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder; narcissist; addict; substance abuse; addiction; shopaholism; workaholism; alcoholism; drug abuse; reckless behaviors; reckless driving; gambling; pathology; personality disorder; narcissistic supply; adrenaline junkie; narcissism; false self; self-destructiveness; self-defeating
Downloads: 99
[texts]Expert Testimony of Dr. Colin Ross, Texas v. Harris, 20 September, 2011
Famed psychiatrist and conspiracy theorist, Colin Ross, gives expert testimony in defense of serial rapist Billy Joe Harris in Texas, September 20, 2011. Harris's defense, supported by Ross, is that Harris suffers from the controversial diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). To augment his insanity plea, Harris convulses and yells in the courtroom, however, in a March telephone call from the Jackson County Jail, he is caught as...
Keywords: Colin Ross; Multiple Personality Disorder; Twilight Rapist; Dr. Christopher Barden; Billy Joe Harris; State of Texas v. Billy Joe Harris; Conspiracy Theory; Mind Control; Multiple Personality Disorder; Expert Testimony
Downloads: 218
[movies]Choosing a Good Psychotherapist - Sam Vaknin
1. The therapist should be trustworthy, competent, and caring. 2. The therapist should facilitate behavioral modification in the patient by fostering hope and "stimulating emotional arousal" (as Millon puts it). In other words, the patient should be re-introduced to his repressed or stunted emotions and thereby undergo a "corrective emotional experience." 3. The therapist should help the patient develop insight about herself - a new way of looking at herself and her world and of understanding wh...
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder; personality disorders; therapy; therapist; treatment; empathy; symptoms; signs; psychoanalysis; psychodynamic; behaviorism; dogma; dogmatic; eclectic; psychotherapy; patient
Downloads: 38
[movies]Passive-Aggressive (Negativisitic) Patient Therapy Notes - Sam Vaknin
The problem is, he says, that he regards psychotherapy as a form of con-artistry: "psychotherapists are snake oil salesmen, latter-day witch doctors, only less efficient." He hates to feel cheated or deceived. Does he often feel that way? He laughs dismissively: he is too clever for run-of-the-mill crooks. He is often underestimated by them. Do other people besides crooks underestimate him? He admits to being unappreciated and underpaid at work...
Keywords: passive-aggressive negativistic personality disorder; dsm; therapy; therapist; psychotherapy; sabotage; obstruction; frustration; rage; aggression; paranoia; paranoid; ideas of reference
Downloads: 70
[movies]Narcissist: Accountable for His Actions? - Sam Vaknin
Narcissists should be held accountable for most of their actions because they can tell wrong from right and they can refrain from acting. They simply don't care enough about others to put to good use these twin abilities. Others are not sufficiently important to dent the narcissist's indifference or to alter his abusive conduct. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissistic personality disorder; insanity defense; right; wrong; responsibility; accountability; mea culpa; self-control; self-discipline; fear; empathy; others
Downloads: 68
[movies]Narcissist: You are Cardboard Cutouts, Avatars - Sam Vaknin
Narcissists often carry on talking (rather, lecturing) long after their interlocutors - bored stiff and resentful - have physically departed or mentally switched off. They are shocked to discover that they have been conversing with thin air for awhile. They are equally astounded when they are abandoned or shunned by spouses, friends, colleagues, the media, their fans, or audiences. The root of this recurrent astonishment is the narcissist's perverse object constancy...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; personality disorder; bonding; attachment; object relations; introjects; imagoes; self; narcissistic supply; avatars; symbols; representations; shock; astonishment; delusions; detachment
Downloads: 45
[movies]Negative, Fake, Low-grade Narcissistic Supply - Sam Vaknin
Negative supply should be distinguished from low-grade or fake supply. Low-grade narcissistic supply comes from sources which cannot be idealized, no matter how hard the narcissist tries and to what extent he blocks out and denies reality. The type of narcissistic supply determines whether its source can be idealized or not. For instance: compliments on his intellectual achievements doled out to a cerebral narcissist by an intellectually-challenged person would never pass muster and would never ...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; false self; grandiosity; narcissistic supply; omnipotence; omniscience; criticism; disagreement; reflection; self-worth; regulation; reality test; personality disorder
Downloads: 91
[movies]Pathologizing Rebellious Youth: Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) - Sam Vaknin
If you are a rebellious child or teenager and you have not been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder, you are still at risk of being labelled and pathologized. The DSM informs us that "The essential feature of Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior towards authority figures that persists for at least 6 months." Unbelievable as this Orwellian, Big Brother text is - it gets worse...
Keywords: oppositional defiant disorder. odd; conduct disorder; dsm; diagnosis; youth; children; antisocial personality disorder; psychopath; authority; rebelliousness; defiance; annoyance
Downloads: 155
[movies]Brain Injury, Head Trauma, Personality Disorders - Sam Vaknin
Certain medical conditions can activate the narcissistic defense mechanism. Chronic ailments are likely to lead to the emergence of narcissistic traits or a narcissistic personality style. Traumas (such as brain injuries) have been known to induce states of mind akin to full-blown personality disorders. Such "narcissism", though, is reversible and tends to be ameliorated or disappear altogether when the underlying medical problem does...
Keywords: brain injury; head trauma; personality disorders; narcissism; narcissistic; frontal lobe; biochemical; serotonin; psychopharmacology; neurology; defense mechanisms; narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
Downloads: 90
[movies]Narcissism: Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder? - Sam Vaknin
In Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID), the emotions are segregated into personality-like internal constructs ("entities"). The notion of "unique separate multiple whole personalities" is primitive and untrue. DID is a continuum. The inner language breaks down into polyglot chaos. In DID, emotions cannot communicate with each other for fear of provoking overwhelming pain (and its fatal consequences)...
Keywords: multiple personality; personality disorders; dissociation; alters; host personality; false self; true self; narcissism; narcissistic personality disorder; comorbidity
Downloads: 222
[movies]Narcissist as Spoiled Brat - Sam Vaknin
The narcissist presents to the world a facade of invincibility, equanimity, superiority, skilfulness, cool-headedness, invulnerability, and, in short: indifference. This front is penetrated in times of great crises that threaten the narcissist's ability to obtain Narcissistic Supply, or when the Narcissistic Supply is spurious (fake or low-grade), negative, or static. In extremis, when all his default behaviors and solutions fail, or when only negative, fake, low-grade, and static narcissistic s...
Keywords: narcissist; personality disorder; narcissistic supply; false self; temper tantrum; rage; schizoid; paranoid; passive-aggressive; antisocila; psychopath; sociopath; delusional; delusion
Downloads: 81
[movies]How to Make Your Narcissist Stay - Sam Vaknin
To victims of abuse, my advice is unequivocal: LEAVE NOW. Leave before the effects of abuse - including PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) - become entrenched. Leave before your children begin to pay the price as well. But, if you insist on staying (always against the best interests of yourself and your nearest and dearest) - here is a survival manual. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 ...
Keywords: narcissist; psychopath; relationships; intimacy; mate; friend; spouse; girlfriend; boyfriend; personality disorder; disagreement; criticism; grandiosity; omnipotence; omniscience; narcissistic supply; false self
Downloads: 163
[movies]Issues in Narcissistic Supply - Sam Vaknin
Why does the narcissist devalue his Source of Secondary Narcissistic Supply (SSNS)? Could negative input serve as Narcissistic Supply (NS)? Does the narcissist want to be liked? How does the narcissist treat his former Sources of Narcissistic Supply? (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: http://www.na...
Keywords: narcissistic supply; narcissism; adulation; admiration; attention; fear; emotions; obsession; compulsion; avoidance; dependence; recycling; narcissist; narcissism; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 83
[movies]Narcissism Myths: Suicide, Types, Crises - Sam Vaknin
Narcissists very rarely commit suicide. They react with suicidal ideation and reactive psychoses to severe stress -- but to commit suicide runs against the grain of narcissism. This is more of a Borderline (BPD) behavior. The differential diagnosis of NPD from BPD rests on the absence of attempted suicide and self-mutilation in NPD. In response to a life crisis (divorce, public disgrace, imprisonment, accident, bankruptcy, terminal or disfiguring illness) the narcissist is likely to adopt either...
Keywords: narcissist; suicide; somatic; cerebral; sex; intellect; narcissistic supply; life crisis; therapy; treatment; myths; debunking; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 147
[movies]Hermit: Schizoid Personality Disorder - Sam Vaknin
Schizoids enjoy nothing and seemingly never experience pleasure (they are anhedonic). Even their nearest and dearest often describe them as "automata", "robots", or "machines". But the schizoid is not depressed or dysphoric, merely indifferent. Schizoids are uninterested in social relationships and bored or puzzled by interpersonal interactions. They are incapable of intimacy and have a very limited range of emotions and affect...
Keywords: schizoid; narcissist; lonely; relationships; robotic; machine; sex; relationships; isolation; asocial; asexual; neuter; friends; lovers; anhedonia; pleasure; depression; personality disorder
Downloads: 303
[movies]Narcissist: Can't Afford Emapthy (Dialog with Edwin Rutsch) - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html First posted here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng2iEw_QDuM Video Transcripts and more at: http://cultureofempathy.com/References/Experts/others/Sam-Vaknin.htm
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; cold empathy; pain; hurt; psychological defenses; false self; grandiosity; omnipotence; omniscience; narcissistic supply; childhood; family; personality disorder; psychopath; emotions; antisocial; conditioning; behavior modification
Downloads: 22
[audio]my soul; open sourced - 2007-08-01: wtf? about Katy; my conditions explained, lousily. - Sparkling Dreams: Katy &the Girls
in my first 'focused' podcast i do my best to lousily explain my four major conditions. Generalized Dystonia(GD): my spastic explanation. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia(CAH): when a rebellious body falls apart. Anorexia: how i no longer let her harm but instead strengthen me. Multiple Personality Disorder: we are all grateful that we're here for each other, i'm grateful that they were there for me.
Keywords: Conditions; Disability; Disabilities; Explanations; Generalized Dystonia; GD; Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia; CAH; Anorexia; Anorexic; Ana; Multiple Personality Disorder; MPD; Dissociative Identity Disorder; DID
Downloads: 127
[movies]Narcissist: Drama Queen in Pathological Narcissistic Space - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html The narcissist is chronically depressed and anhedonic (finds no pleasure in life). Unable to love and, in the long run (as a result), unloved, the narcissist is ever in the pursuit of excitement and drama intended to alleviate his all-pervasive boredom and melancholy...
Keywords: drama queen; narcissist; narcissism; pns; excitement; thrill; boredom; depression; melancholy; sadness; narcissistic supply; attention; adulation; entitlement; grandiosity; delusions; false self; facade; personality disorder
Downloads: 288
[movies]Cope with Vindictive Narcissists - Sam Vaknin
Narcissists are often vindictive and they often stalk and harass. Basically, there are only two ways of coping with vindictive narcissists: frighten them or lure them. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/thebook.html)
Keywords: narcissist; vindictive; stalker; grudges; harassment; intimidation; paranoid; sadist; divorce; separation; breaking-up; splitting-up; marriage; fear; narcissistic supply; narcissistic personality disorder; secrets
Downloads: 173
[movies]Narcissist's Cycles of Ups and Downs - Sam Vaknin
As narcissistic supply waxes and wanes, the narcissist goes through cycles: a depressive phase is followed by hibernation for recuperation purposes and then the emission of a ânarcissistic signalâ: a call for new narcissistic supply. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 DVDs with 16 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: http://www.narcissistic-abus...
Keywords: narcissist; depression; dysphoria; mania; grandiosity; narcissistic supply; false self; bipolar disorder; mood disorder; personality disorder; narcissism; victim; abuse; charisma; leader; daydreaming; fantasies
Downloads: 180
[movies]Narcissistic Humiliation and Injury - Sam Vaknin
The narcissist interprets everything as addressed to his person ("ad hominem") rather than to his actions. The list of things, real or imagined, by which a narcissist might be slighted is dizzying indeed. When contradicted, when deprived of special treatment, when subjected to an attitude or comment which he judges to contravene his grandiose, superior self-image or his sense of entitlement â he is beside himself with indignant rage...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; grandiosity; reality; false self; fantasy; slights; insults; narcissistic injury; rage; paranoia; paranoid; persecutory; delusions; ideas of reference; ad hominem; personality disorder
Downloads: 63
[movies]Discontinuous Narcissist's Multiple Personas - Sam Vaknin
Thus, the narcissist is spatially and temporally discontinuous. His different personas are mostly in "cold storage". He does not feel that they are part of his current identity. They are "stored" or repressed, rigidly attached to four-dimensional PNS's. We say "four dimensional" because, to a narcissist, a PNS is "frozen" both in space and in time. This slicing of the narcissist's life is what stands behind the narcissist's apparent inability to predict the inevitable outcomes of his actions...
Keywords: mpd; did; dissociative; multiple personality; personality disorder; crime; punishment; justice; actions; consequences; responsibility; repentance; remorse; guilt; injury; hurt; rage; bias; bigotry; pettiness
Downloads: 47
[movies]Schizoid and Paranoid Narcissist - Sam Vaknin
The narcissistic landscape is fraught with contradictions. The narcissist depends on people - but hates and despises them. He wants to control them unconditionally - but is also looking to punish himself savagely. He is terrified of persecution ("persecutory delusions") - but seeks the company of his own "persecutors" compulsively. The narcissist is the victim of incompatible inner dynamics, ruled by numerous vicious circles, pushed and pulled simultaneously by irresistible forces...
Keywords: schizoid; paranoid; narcissist; comorbidity; dsm; diagnoses; personality disorders; dependence; narcissistic supply; grandiosity; contempt; disdain; humiliation; resentment; narcissism; control freak; narcissistic personality disorder
Downloads: 147
[movies]N-Magnet: Narcissist's Ideal Victim? - Sam Vaknin
Many victims of narcissists are firmly convinced that they have been "chosen" by their abusers because of their capacity to empathize, their innate sensitivity, compassion, and their ability to love and care. Indeed, these qualities tend to attract exploitative psychopathic predators who leverage these human emotions to their advantage. "Classical" narcissists, however, are actually repelled by such displays of contemptible "mushy" frailties...
Keywords: narcissist; abuse; narcissism; relationship; victim; empathy; compassion; sensitivity; weakness; psychopath; contempt; personality disorder; n-magnet; profiling; narcissist-magnet; intimate partner; mate; spouse
Downloads: 232
[movies]Narcissist's Routines - Sam Vaknin
The behaviour of the narcissist is regulated by a series of routines developed by rote learning and by repetitive patterns of experience. The narcissist finds change extremely distasteful and unsettling. He is a creature of habit. The function of these routines is to reduce his anxiety by transforming a hostile and arbitrary world into a hospitable and manageable one. Granted, many narcissists are unstable - they often change jobs, apartments, spouses, and vocations...
Keywords: narcissist; narcissism; routines; rote learning; automatic; machine-like; robotic; narcissistic supply; mental energy; interactions; society; supply sources; environment; milieu; responses; relationships; rituals; personality disorder; obsessive-compulsive; paranoid
Downloads: 85
[audio]'Modern Dementia' - Modern Dementia
Welcome to the free album download of Modern Dementia. TO DOWNLOAD... Click the 'VBR ZIP' on the left. Get the artwork below. Burn to CD with no pause between tracks. For more information, visit the Modern Dementia webpage.
Keywords: Outsider; Experimental; Weird; Odd; Kiddie-Glitch Nutjob; Insane; Animal Noises; Mixed Bag; Music; Audio Psychosis; Musical Personality Disorder; Schizophonic Audio Relapse; Brain Disease Music
Downloads: 590
[texts]Kiss Kill - Jeni Mawter
How do you man up when youâre down? When 16 year old Mat meets Elle she seems perfect. But over time Elle becomes more controlling and aggressive. Feeling like no one will believe him Mat isolates himself more and more. Their relationship fragments then explodes. The Kiss Kill story is told in fragments using multiple texts and transmedia. Prose is combined with scripts, songs, notes, poems, comics, essays, texting and photos...
Keywords: relationship abuse; narcissism; transmedia; Narcissistic Personality Disorder; psycho girlfriend; emaotional abuse; bullying; multiplatform storytelling; digital novel; young adult; teens to twentysomethings
Downloads: 113
[audio]Lawsuit Demands Misdiagnosed Veterans Receive Benefits, Melissa Ader, Dahr Jamail - Dori Smith
Talk Nation Radio for December 30, 2010 Lawsuit Demands Misdiagnosed Veterans Receive Benefits, Melissa Ader, Dahr Jamail Melissa Ader, Yale Law Student, Dahr Jamail Give U.S. Veterans of the Iraq and Afghan Wars their Benefits, Lawsuits Pending U.S. Military Asked to Give 26,000 Veterans their Benefits after Wrongly Diagnosing them with 'Personality Disorders'. They were discharged without benefits, in some cases after 12 years of service...
Keywords: lawsuit; aclu; yale law school; students; melissa ader; 26; 000 veterans discharged without benefits; military claimed they had personality disorder; later shown they had PTSD and or TBI
Downloads: 707
[movies]Misinformation: Covert vs. Classic Narcissist - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html Contrary to misinformation spread by "experts" online, covert narcissists are not cunning and manipulative. Classic narcissists are: they often disguise their true nature effectively, knowingly, and intentionally. They are persistent actors with great thespian skills...
Keywords: covert narcissist; inverted narcissist; classic narcissist; overt; arrogant; shy; vulnerable; assertive; manipulative; cunning; exploitive; narcissistic supply; false self; criticism; codependence; personality disorder; dependent; narcissistic; abuse; glory; fame
Downloads: 25
[movies]Psychopath? 5 Red Flags and 3 Rs Test: Remorse, Remediation, and Restoration - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html 1. Psychopaths are âtoo good to be trueâ. They besiege their interlocutors with a relentless charm offensive, flaunting their accomplishments, skills, talents, brilliance, acuity, and good fortune. 2. Information asymmetry: The psychopath may flood you with unwanted and unwarranted information â and disinformation - about himself while conspicuously being inc...
Keywords: psychopath; narcissist; relationships; red flags; remorse; remediation; restoration; codependent; anxiety; alloplastic defense; false self; narcissism; psychopathy; antisocial; personality disorder; deviance; normal; fear; hostility
Downloads: 74
[movies]Sex and Narcissistic Supply: Cerebral, Somatic, and YOU! - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html The psychosexuality of all types of narcissists â cerebral and somatic alike â involves the objectification and interchangeability of intimate partners. Narcissists are polyamorous and autoerotic. Quite a few of them have comorbid sexual paraphilias (are deviant.) The cerebral narcissist aims to stabilize the flow of narcissistic supply by suppressing his sexu...
Keywords: narcissist; cerebral; somatic; narcissism; personality disorder; sex; sexuality; psychosexuality; intimacy; couple; intimate partner; abstience; celibacy; deviance; paraphilia; group sex; threesome; orgies; swinging; body; brain; intellect; sexless marriage; asexual
Downloads: 812
[movies]Narcissist's Vulnerability: Grandiosity Hangover - Sam Vaknin
The balding, potbellied, narcissist still courts women aggressively. The impoverished tycoon sinks deeper into debts, trying to maintain an unsustainable and lavish lifestyle. The one-novel author or one-discovery scholar still demands professional deference and expects attention by media and superiors. The once-potent politician maintains regal airs and holds court in great pomp. The wizened actress demands special treatment and throws temper tantrums when rebuffed...
Keywords: narcissistic hangover; narcissist; narcissism; personality disorder; false self; omnipotence; omniscience; entitlement; glory; fame; celebrity; narcissistic rage; doubt; criticism; disagreement; narcissistic injury
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[movies]DSM V Gets Narcissistic Personality Disorder Partly Right - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html The DSM V re-defines personality disorders thus: "The essential features of a personality disorder are impairments in personality (self and interpersonal) functioning and the presence of pathological personality traits." According to the June 2011 text of the DSM V, the following criteria must be met to diagnose Narcissistic Personality Disorder (in parentheses ...
Keywords: dsm v; dsm iv; narcissism; personality disorder; narcissist; false self; narcissistic supply; attention-seeking; intimacy; grandiosity; diagnostic criteria; pathology; identity; self-awareness; self-direction; self-centered
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[movies]KPOO Tarpley 073092 - Joe Rudolph
An early interview of Webster Tarpley, soon after the release of his book "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography", from radio station KPOO, San Francisco, CA.The interviewer is Joe Rudolph.July 30, 1992More info on Tarpley and the book: 
Keywords: Geo Bush; Webster Tarpley; CIA; Gulf War; Personality Disorder; Anger Management; Basedow's disease; Bay of Pigs; Smuggling; Felix Rodrigues; Nixon; Watergate
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[movies]Idealized, Devalued, Dumped - Sam Vaknin
The quality and reliability of Narcissistic Supply are, therefore, of paramount importance. The more the narcissist convinces himself that his sources are perfect, grand, comprehensive, authoritative, omniscient, omnipotent, beautiful, powerful, rich, brilliant, and so on â the better he feels. The narcissist has to idealise his Supply Sources in order to highly value the supply that he derives from them...
Keywords: narcissist; personality disorder; false self; narcissistic supply; idealization; devaluation; over-valuation; idolizing; devalue and discard; d&d; cycle; attention; adulation; codependence; narcissism; relationships
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[movies]Psychopathic Bully and Stalker - Sam Vaknin
Psychopaths regard other people as objects to be manipulated and instruments of gratification and utility. They have no discernible conscience, are devoid of empathy and find it difficult to perceive other people's nonverbal cues, needs, emotions, and preferences. Consequently, the psychopath rejects other people's rights and his commensurate obligations. He is impulsive, reckless, irresponsible and unable to postpone gratification...
Keywords: narcissist; psychopath; bully; stalker; stalking; bullying; harassment; empathy; violence; aggression; divorce; family; marriage; intimacy; antisocial; sociopath; personality disorder; mental health; fraud; abuse
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